We Offer Professional EPDM Rubber Membrane Roofing Install

Repair & Maintenance Throughout Massachusetts

We Offer Professional EPDM Rubber Membrane Roofing Install, Repair & Maintenance Throughout Massachusetts

Benefits of EPDM Rubber Membrane Roofing:

  • Enhances Pooling Reduction
  • Unparalleled Shield against Leaks
  • Eliminates the Requirement of Gravel Topcoat unlike Asphalt Roofs
  • Exceptional Durability – Withstands Extreme Temperatures with Ease
  • Featherweight and Flexible Design
  • Effortless Installation Process
  • Simplified Repair Solutions

EPDM, also known as “rubber roof,” is the prevailing type of membrane roofing in the market. It consists of rubber compounds and various chemicals, making it a single-ply membrane.

Rubber roofing is available in different thicknesses (e.g., 45 mill, 45 mill reinforced, 60 mill [the most common], 60 mill reinforced, and 90 mill) and widths. Recon Roofing and Gutters possess the expertise to install rubber roofing on diverse decking materials such as concrete, wood, steel, lightweight gyp decking, and tectum decking. They employ one of four installation methods: full adhered, mechanically fastened, batten-in-seam, or ballasted.

For a fully-adhered rubber roof, which is the most widely used and effective method of EPDM installation, roofing contractors utilize a bonding adhesive. This adhesive enables secure attachment to various substrates and insulations like fiberboard, perlite, iso-cyanurate, and EPS. Typically, rubber roofs are fastened using insulation plates and screws. The number and placement of these fasteners on the insulation depend on the height and configuration of the building.

Rubber roofing systems incorporate several written components, including primers, in-seam tape, bonding adhesive, flashing material, in-seam plates, insulation plates, screws, metal edging, cap flashings, thru wall flashings, metal skirts, pitch boxes, curbs, vent pipes, and exhaust fans.

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