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What To Expect During Our Commercial Drone Roof Inspections

Over the years, Recon Roofing and Gutter Services has developed an effective roof inspection checklist, utilizing drones to help our team gather helpful data about a roof’s health. Once we’ve completed our free commercial roof inspection, we communicate progress and next steps with property owners. Our goal is to provide useful information that will keep you informed on the health of your property’s entire exterior, and be the team you trust when you need help maintaining your home.

We work towards building long-lasting relationships with our customers so that when an unexpected storm hits and you’re wondering how to recover, you know you can turn to Recon Roofing and Gutter Services . Below we’ll go over the extensive process our team members follow when performing exterior evaluations. Find out exactly what we’re looking for during a drone roof inspection and how it will benefit you in the future.

Drone Inspections

We provide expert thermography inspection services for residential, commercial and industrial areas. Infrared inspections, insurance surveying, thermal imaging, solar system inspections, and electrical inspections are just a few examples of who and what we provide our drone thermal imaging inspection services for.

Through our UAV & Drone Inspection Service, we deliver hi resolution imagery and measurement data that will help you to document a property in order to make timely and informed decisions regarding the state of your asset. Our range of deliverables are suited for all types of inspections and we have options available to steam-line your inspection process in the case of large or multiple inspections/assets.

Thermal Imaging, also called Infrared Imaging, or simply IR photography, uses a camera that detects difference in temperature to see things that may not be visible.

Thermal imaging is not x-ray vision, rather it displays differences in temperatures of the surface. Surface temperature can be affected by what is under the surface. The greater the temperature difference is between surfaces the clearer an image will appear. For examples if it is 95 degrees outside, but you have been running the AC set to 78 all day, a thermal image can show great detail about an exterior wall. However, with an interior wall, where both sides are the same temperature, very little, if any detail, will be present.

Once you’ve scheduled your property evaluation, there’s no obligation to work with us, but we think that after you see our process and attention to detail, you’ll choose us to fix any damage we might find. Recon Roofing and Gutter Services is always looking out for the property owner’s best interest, and if you don’t have damage, we’ll still give you a full roof inspection report that details the health of your buildings exterior. If our team does spot damage when we fly the drones, we’ll advise you on what the recommended next steps would be to restore your roof. We will also provide a timeline of recommended repairs, so you know how to prioritize your roof and exterior maintenance.

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